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About Our Clinic

Why Choose DermAestheticPlus

In this emerging world of beauty where each individual seeks the right means to improve the daily life standards with self-esteem & confidence to the point of distinction. Each one of us wants to look beautiful with the flawless skin that is harmonious with our inner beauty.

Our Commitment

is to Support our patients to make the right treatment choices and provide them comprehensive skin health and medical care.

Our Promise

improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise—to provide advanced skincare backed by science.

Imagine all your skin care and aesthetic concerns and other health issues being served to the best under one roof. Any treatment/procedure demands essential skills from the best aesthetician, a professional doctor who strives only for the best for your skin. Having said that our team is here to provide you an exceptional experience and help you end any skepticism you have about yourself and your skin.

DermAestheticplus is a premiere Skin Care and Laser Clinic with added health services offered by our team of plastic surgeon, medical specialist, paediatrician and gynecologist. We are here to provide extraordinary service and results to all of our patients.

With the experience of our Dermatologist/cosmotologist, we are most skillful to scientifically help you achieve healthy and gorgeous skin. We ll also make sure to you to follow course of therapy designed for your skin, so that it remains as beautiful as it is when you leave our clinic.


Excellence is our way of life and our benchmark. We strive to do everything efficiently and relentlessly with our best. There is no room for mistakes, only for improvement.

A Perfect Place For Your Skin Health



The Experience

Equiped with Advanced equipment and experienced doctors/consultants, at dermaesthetic and mediplus you can count on the most extraordinary care and best service you can imagine and, it all begins with making the right choices. When paired with a proper regimen, you’ll really start to see a difference in your skin.



Whether it be about Skin treatment Options, Medicine, Pediatrics, Gynecology, Plastic Surgery and radiology related questions, we are available to answer any questions you may have to ask our skilled Team.


One Place, Multiple Solutions

All your skin care, aesthetic concerns and other health issues will be served to the best under one roof. Committed to your health, we make your concerns our priority and let it govern everything we do .

Dr. Sobia Osman

“The clinic is led by Dr sobia osman, an american certified aesthetic dermatologist whom with her experience of more than six years is most capable in helping you achieve glowing skin that you always wished for. With her medical background, two year masters specialist training in skin and advanced courses to gain firsthand knowledge of latest innovations in skin aesthetics, she has developed her own approach to dermatology and skin care which leads her patients to most satisfying experience.

Her comprehensive knowledge, obsession and absolute dedication to treating her patients to her very best are visibly dominant in every session. It’s no wonder that patients with all type of skin conditions and concerns come to her with great confidence from all over the region. So sit back and relax and let her walk you through to glowing skin every step of the way.”

Meet Our Team

Who we are
Dr. Sobia Osman
Dermatologist and Cosmetologist
Dr. Sharjeel Sarfraz Ahmed Sheikh
Consultant Urologist (Member PAUS)
Dr. Hassnain Khan
Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Meryuim Waqas
Dr. Wahaid Ali

What People Say About DermAestheticPlus

I went to the cosmetic laser & skin clinic for laser hair removal. Dr explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions. I can confidently say that i was very satisfied with the treatment and if anyone interested i would highly recommend Dr. Sobia’s DermAesthetic Clinic.

Saadia Fateh Khan

Saadia Fateh Khan

26 years

I’ve been coming to DermaAesthetic & MediPlus Clinic for my skin issues. Dr Sobia is such a great soul she guides the patient in the best possible way. I’m getting my picoway laser done from the clinic and it is amazing I just love the results. I highly recommend picoway to everyone.

Syed Haris

Syed Haris

24 years

It was my first experience with Laser hair removal. I was scared and hesitant with a lot of ifs and buts in my mind. After all, it is my FACE.

Dr. was the sweetest doctor I have met so far. She made me so comfortable and relaxed that the whole process was made worth the while. I highly recommend and would keep on going for other treatments as well. She also cured my adult acne.

Sana Faisal

Sana Faisal

27 years